Detecting Integer Overflows - A Hardware Approach

There are few bugs in programming as pernicious as the integer overflow. It can be difficult to detect your program has an integer overflow issue, many times it will silently corrupt your memory and possibly open you up to a buffer overflow. If you get lucky, your program will terminate shortly after it overflows with a segmentation fault. So how can we tell when an integer overflow has occurred? It turns out the hardware can help.

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A Quick Introduction

I am not sure how you found this blog but welcome. My name is Matthew, or Matt, or whatever gets my attention really.

While new to blogging, and certainly late to the party, I am hoping to write mostly about programming topics with a few miscellaneous items in-between. I spend my days working in the high-level languages, but at night, it’s all about low-level systems programming.

Questions are welcome, comments are considered, and constructive criticisms are appreciated. If you’d like to contact me send an email to comments /at/

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